“Let Us Think” has touched the hearts of many readers. Here we present some of the heart-warming stories of people who have been greatly motivated and inspired by the book. After reading the book, these people have themselves become social catalysts by playing a big part in serving the underprivileged and downtrodden in our society. We are sure that this list will only get bigger and bigger after more people read this book. This book would have achieved its purpose if it has ignited the hearts of its readers to do something for our society and country at large and let themselves be the change they want to see.
Dr. S.Pradeep, Chief Radiologist, Wockhardt Hospital.
  This simple book is a real eye opener. It not only has changed my life but also has inspired me to start a home for poor and blind girls at Bangalore in spite of my busy schedule.
Sushil Mantri, Managing Director, Mantri Devlopers.
  From the fist page till end, the book continuously catches the reader with its great explanation of reality with very good examples. The book shows the people the nearest way to reach the god. I feel that whoever reads this book will sure change their minds if they are on the wrong path and the people already on the right path will do much better service to the society. I would like to say that everybody should read this book to get better in life.
LT,COL,T.K.Rao (Retd.), Managing Director, Tummala Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
  This book is inspiring and elevating to read about ideal people who lived and practiced at least one of the five human qualities that made them great, memorable and ideal. As you practice, transformation comes and you become a pole star to follow or leader to look upto.
Viswanath Shegonkar, I.A.S., Secretary to Government, Handlooms, Handicrafts, Textile and Khadi Department, Government of TamilNadu, Chennai.
  “While reading this book, I felt that whatever I was doing all the years was found on right track to a greater extent. Due to your book my convictions about the life and surroundings become strange to purse further to achieve peace and satisfaction in life which is vital for me and all others who believe in these things. As this our last journey, we all must try and seek the right paths. Your book taught such paths to me.
S. Dasaratharama Reddi (Retd.), Justice.
  About 1 1/2 years ago, I had gone through the book, ‘Alochiddam’ and ‘Let Us Think’. It is thought provoking and conveys noble ideas for the spiritual growth of the citizens. I like it very much and distributed number of copies to my friends. For prosperity, we need not only information technology, but also Transformation Technology, which is provided in this book. I wish every Indian, especially youth, reads this book and follow the message conveyed in it and benefit him/her spiritually.
Dr. G.Subramaniam, Professor & Head (Retd.), Anna University.
  This is a rare book that has already started silently bringing but a societal transformation. It shifts the focus from existence to life, from the peripherals to the core and more importantly from rituals to spiritualism. Even a layman can read and understand it. He can change himself and progressively the society and the world at large. And the book, translated already into several languages and seen several editions, would have served its purpose then. The secret of the success of the book lies as much in its lucidity as in its author practicing all that he advocated with an awe-inspiring social consciousness.
Lakshmimenon, Asst Vice President (MKTG), The New Indian Express Group.
  It is indeed a book that had a profound impact on our lives. A must read for all youngsters as it shows the simple way to happy living.

The “Let Us Think” book has transformed many lives and inspired many people to work for the betterment of others. We wish that everybody should be benefitted by reading this unique book. Currently this book is freely available for download for all. Please download the book and read it. It will change your life forever!!