The “Let Us Think” book has received a tremendous response from readers across all walks of life. The readers who have loved and appreciated the book are not only from India but from around the world as well. These words of appreciation show that the book has achieved its purpose of taking our life to the next level and in making us socially responsible. The following are some of the responses from the readers of this life-changing book:
"It is thought provoking and conveys noble ideas ......
I wish every Indian, especially youth reads this book ..... "
  - S.Dasaratharama Reddy, Retd Justice.
High Court of Andhrapradesh
" This book gives us information and inspiration for following the examples of all avatars of God and great men like Swami Vivekananda. "
  - Swami Pranarupananda,
Bhuvaneswar, Orissa.
" It explains the philosophy of life in a simple beautiful way, every body can understand. All of us can read and get the benefit. "
  - R.Rathinasamy, State Information Commissioner,
Right to Information Act. TN.
" This simple book is a real eye opener. It has not only changed my life; but also inspired me to start a home for poor blind girls at Bangalore inspite of my busy schedule. "
  - Dr.S.Pradeep M.D.,DNB ,
Chief Radiologist Wockhardt Hospital, Bangalore.
" Beautiful narration of the Karma Yoga Principle ……. "
  - Dr.R.Senthil MBBS, FRCS.,
Member of Parliament, Dharmapuri.
" It gives in a nut shell in simple language how to live harmonious life in contentment. I keep it on bedside to read it off and on . "
  - Ascheema,
Retd. Brigadier, New Delhi
" If we all implement the principles and opinions of this book; and improve the humanitarianism, culture of Bharath; our country will very soon attain the status of a developed nation. "
  - Dr.G.Natchiar M.S.DO, Joint Director,
Arvind Eye Hospitals, Madurai. TN.
" Due to this book my convictions about the life and surroundings become strong to pursue further to achieve. The book taught such paths to me. "
  - Viswanath Shegaonkar IAS.
Secretary. Govt. of Tamilnadu.
" From the first page till end, the book continuously catches the reader with its great explanation of reality with very good examples. "
  - Sushil Mantri, Managing Director,
Mantri Developers, Bangalore.
" This is a rare book that has already started silently bringing about a societal transformation. Even a layman can read and understand it. "
  - Dr.G.Subramaniam. Professor,
Anna University, Chennai.
" One of the best books I have read in my life and this book must find a place in every home and library. "
  - Dr.A.Navaneethakrishnan, Professor,
Anna University , Chennai.
" It really impressed and each word is memorable. "
  - Dr.G.Ilangovan,Dean,
Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai.
" The book has impressed me very much and made me to read again and again. "
  - Dr.Lalitha John. Dean,
Veterinary College, Chennai.
" This book helps you to live a meaningful life. "
  - Brahasitha, Development Test Manager,
Citrix Systems, California.USA
" A Small book containing ample opinions, new thoughts for the present world given with pure heart. A good attempt. .......... will receive commendations. "
  - A.Selladurai,
" It immense Pleasure to read. Sentences with noble character. Read the book in one day. "
  - Antony Stephen, Dubai Petroleum Co.,
Dubai UAE.
" Kudos for eye riveting sermons …… guiding readers …… in all actions and persue their inner call for enlightened behaviour. "
  - Shreeniwas Jhaver, Journalist,
Member Press club of India, New Delhi.
" A book making us to think of God and our duties in life narrated in simple language with examples."
  - D.A.Muthana, Joint General Manager,
International II, Larsen & Toubro Ltd.
" It was a pleasure to go through the book. "
  - Swami Nityananda,
New Delhi .
" I'm much impressed with the contents of the book. "
  - Bhagwan Mahaveer Foundation,
" This book is inspiring and elevating ......... As you practice transformation comes and you become a pole star to follow. "
  - T.K.Rao
Retd. Lt. Col. , Bangalore.

The “Let Us Think” book has transformed many lives and inspired many people to work for the betterment of others. We wish that everybody should be benefitted by reading this unique book. Currently this book is freely available for download for all. Please download the book and read it. It will change your life forever!!